Tori Amos: Native Invader: Deluxe Hardcover CD Book

Native Invader: Deluxe Hardcover CD Book

Tori Amos

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  • Release Date 08 September 2017
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Special deluxe Hardcover CD Book format featuring 2 additional tracks.

Celebrated singer-songwriter Tori Amos unveils her hotly-anticipated new album Native Invader – to be released on Decca Records on 8th September – and world tour.

Tori’s confessional style of writing sees her continue to push boundaries with her music. Her messages of empowerment, tenderness, acerbic assertiveness and her utterly peerless sound speaks to audiences across the globe. In this new album, Tori delves even deeper into her personal experiences, and the standard is there to be seen.


  1. Reindeer King
  2. Wings
  3. Broken Arrow
  4. Cloud Riders
  5. Up The Creek
  6. Breakaway
  7. Wildwood
  8. Chocolate Song
  9. Bang
  10. Climb
  11. Bats
  12. Benjamin
  13. Mary’s Eyes

    Deluxe tracks:
  14. Upside Down 2
  15. Russia