Bullet For My Valentine: Gravity Clear / Blue / Black Vinyl

Gravity Clear / Blue / Black Vinyl

Bullet For My Valentine

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  • Release Date 29 June 2018
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There comes a point in every career of note, when it’s time to dig a trench in the turf; to define exactly who you are in a way that resonates in the broadest possible manner. For Bullet For My Valentine – now two decades deep into their story, one of rock and metal’s foremost names, a genuine success – that time is now.

Produced and mixed by Carl Bown, ‘Gravity’ (the UK band’s sixth studio album, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Venom’) sees the musicians delivering a body of work that looks set to add extra layers of excitement and meaning both to their own trajectory and to the genre per se.
At a time when the international scene feels ready for a serious shot in the arm, ‘Gravity’ is an album of true craft and vision – an ambitious labour of love with the weight and the punch that the band’s extensive, ever-burgeoning fan-base has come to expect.

1 Leap Of Faith  
2 Over It  
3 Letting You Go  
4 Not Dead Yet  
5 The Very Last Time  
6 Piece of Me  
7 Under Again  
8 Gravity  
9 Coma  
10 Don’t Need You  
11 Breathe Underwater