Ihsahn: Ámr Red Translucent Vinyl

Ámr Red Translucent Vinyl


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  • Release Date 04 May 2018
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Double Vinyl LP
Spinefarm Records UK

Double translucent red vinyl.

Few artists in modern heavy music have created such an extraordinary and unique body of work as Ihsahn.

Having refined and redefined black metal with the now legendary Emperor, Norway’s foremost musical extremist has spent the last decade establishing himself as a fearless and wildly idiosyncratic solo artist, but even by his own remarkable standards, another bold stride into uncharted territory, Ihsahn’s seventh solo album is the legendary Norwegian’s most eclectic and challenging to date. Morphing fluidly from mellifluous art rock ambience to vicious extreme metal, covering all points in between.

1 Lend Me The Eyes Of Millennia  
2 Arcana Imperii  
3 Sámr  
4 One Less Enemy  
5 Where You Are Lost And I Belong  
6 In Rites Of Passage  
7 Marble Soul  
8 Twin Black Angels  
9 Wake