Kip Moore: Wild World CD & Tee

Wild World CD & Tee

Kip Moore

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Kip Moore navigates the search to find a place and purpose with his highly-anticipated fourth studio album WILD WORLD. Co-writing all but one track, and self-producing the entire 13-song collection, the weathered heartland-rock sound Moore has embraced on previous efforts gets its emotional volume pumped up. The result includes a few quirks – but that just gives WILD WORLD the character he values so much.

Wild World Signed Tracks
1 Janie Blu  
2 Southpaw  
3 Fire and Flame  
4 Wild World  
5 Red White Blue Jean American Dream  
6 She's Mine  
7 Hey Old Lover  
8 Grow On You  
9 More Than Enough  
10 Sweet Virginia  
11 South  
12 Crazy For You Tonight  
13 Payin' Hard