Ed Harcourt: Furnaces CD Album

Furnaces CD Album

Ed Harcourt

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  • Release Date 19 August 2016
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Ed Harcourt returns with his seventh album Furnaces, the most ambitious and abrasive album of his career. Furnaces was produced by legendary producer Flood, a long-time ally of Ed, who has previously worked with the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey and Foals.

Furnaces is the brand new, 12 track album from Ed Harcourt available to pre-order now on CD.

CD Tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. The World Is On Fire
  3. Loup Garou
  4. Furnaces
  5. Occupational Hazard
  6. Nothing But A Bad Trip
  7. You Give Me More Than Love
  8. Dionysus
  9. There Is A Light Below
  10. The Last Of Your Kind
  11. Immoral Ghetto
  12. Antarctica Ghetto